Fathers’ Rights

Legitimation And Paternity

There is no doubt that fathers play a valuable role in their children’s lives. Their presence, support, love and care are important. If you are a father and wish to be a part of your child’s life, but have somehow been denied because you were not married to the mother or the mother is not allowing you to see your child, retaining the services of an attorney will help correct these issues and establish your legal rights.

A Father’s Right To Be A Parent. Fathers need to know that under Georgia law, they have the right to be a parent. It is not just about paying child support — it is also about being a positive influence in your child’s life. Because we know the value of a father in the life of a child, our office will establish and enforce your parental rights if you are not being allowed fair access to your child.

We understand that not all families are established through marriage, but parents want and need to be a part of their children’s lives. Our office stands ready to pursue your rights as well as enforce the responsibilities of being a parent.


In Georgia, if your child was born outside of marriage, you must establish a legal relationship between the child and the father. An action for paternity will establish such a relationship for the purpose of the father providing child support. A legitimation action establishes a father’s legal relationship with a child regarding custody, child support and a parenting plan.

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