Child Support

Child support is often a touchy and contentious topic, but a very real part of every family law case involving minor children. Why? Children need the support of both parents. Child support is provided for the benefit of the children. But what does that really mean, food, clothing, activities? That and much more. It covers expenses incurred for the child, including shelter, comfort and all necessities. The parent who is obligated to pay support cannot request an accounting of how the funds are used by the receiving parent.

Do I really need an attorney for child support?

This is a tricky question, but an attorney can provide you with insight that you may not otherwise have in attempting to resolve a child support issue. Attorney Miriam Arnold-Johnson has experience establishing child support for custodial parents and representing the interests of noncustodial parents in child support matters. She understands both sides of the equation and will put that experience to work for you.

Our child support order was entered years ago. Can I ask for a change?

The simple answer is yes, but changes are allowed only under specific circumstances. See the Modifications/Contempt for more details.

What happens when child support is not paid?

There are several remedies, including charging the delinquent parent with contempt of court, entering an income deduction order and even seeking a warrant for abandonment of a child. Our office can provide you with advice on which remedy may work in your situation.

Where can I get help?

Our office will gladly represent you.

It is vitally important that the amount of child support is correct. There are many different factors considered, including income of the parents, child care expenses, health insurance, extra curricular activities, private school care, and extraordinary educational expenses. If you find that you need an attorney to help you establish or modify your child support we would be happy to put our experience to work for you!

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