Child Custody

The issue of child custody leads to many difficult questions such as “What does primary custody mean?” “What is a parenting plan?” “What is the difference between legal and physical custody?” We Are Here To Help. Miriam Arnold-Johnson, PC, understands that your children are your top priority in any custody proceeding. We are sensitive to the fact that litigation may not always be the best way to create a harmonious environment where a child is a part of two families. If we can negotiate a fair resolution that is in the child’s best interest, we most certainly will do so. However, we also understand this is sometimes not possible. When it is time to go to trial, Miriam Arnold-Johnson, PC, will strongly advocate for your rights as a parent. Custody actions commence in many ways. During divorce, both legal and physical custody must be established. There are also actions for paternity and legitimation, which establish relationships between fathers and children when the parties were never married. Further, child custody orders can be modified under the right circumstances. See our page on modifying custody for more information. Parents want and need to have good relationships with their children. Some parents find themselves having to ask the court for assistance to be an active part of their children’s lives. A petition for custody, modification of custody or a petition for visitation establishes each parent’s legal decision-making abilities, access to records for the child and the amount of time spent with the child. An attorney can help you advocate for what you believe is in the best interest of your child. Contact us today to learn more.

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